I’m wearing a Smile on my Wedding Day

Teeth whitening is a 19 billion dollar industry and is the most requested beauty service next to hairdressing. In preparation for my big day, I decided to invest in our pearly whites so they were sparkling like a celeb on our wedding day.

I feel like I’ve been waiting ages for Valentine’s Day (the day we get wed!) but, now all of a sudden, it’s next week and there’s so much I haven’t done, like the final table plan and favours, and a long list of latest must-have treatments so I look and feel a million dollars. The truth is, a good nights sleep without baby Ben waking up would probably give me the makeover I need! But realistically, this isn’t going to happen any day soon, so I’m last minute beauty shopping… online… using insta of course.

Yep, I came across Mint Mobile Teeth Whitening, around 3am whilst scrolling my Instagram feed. I liked the fact that they were mobile as I’m still so limited with my broken ankle in recovery and a baby (with no one but me or my fiancé to look after him). I thought it would be weird having a stranger in your living room performing a treatment where you look like you’re playing that game…“Speak Out” and dribbling like Messi (he’s a footballer…it’s meant to be a joke) but it wasn’t. I’m sure it might be with other teeth whitening technicians but Lecinda was truly professional.

She was so friendly and caring. Ben had been a nightmare all day, I honestly considered cancelling the appointment. He’s getting so much more active rolling over all over the place, and is suffering from separation anxiety at the moment. I can’t move away from his play mat or even put him down sometimes without a loud (very loud) outburst of hysterics. I envisaged me and this stranger stuck – me with my mouth guard in under the led lamp – being terrorised by the 7 month old ‘Screamer of Seacliff’. In fact as soon as I opened the door I gave her a heads up on the situation we may face! She was lovely and explained she is a mum herself. A sigh of relief followed.

Anyway, she made me feel very comfortable and safe, explaining the procedure and paperwork, showing me my unopened teeth whitening kit and settling me into the surprisingly comfortable recliner that she had brought with her and set up next to a power point in the living room next to the TV. Before I knew it, Lecinda had applied 6% peroxide to my teeth, which she explained is the highest % a technician (not a dentist) should legally use to be safe. Whilst I sat back under the led lamp with my goggles on, I felt anxious Ben would start with one of his ‘moments’. That day, there was a god, and he gurgled away rolling over in his mat and Lecinda was kind enough to interact with him and kept him happy 🙂

The first application takes 20-30 minutes which is then followed by a second application, exactly the same process. Whilst I was lay back, enjoying the much needed rest, my fiancé walked in. He joked about how ridiculous I looked, but when he saw the results, he was soon next in the chair. He’s not openly a metrosexual kind of guy, but it’s there, buried deep down. And the fact it was done in our home no doubt swayed it. It was just so quick and convenient for us both.

Neither of us felt any pain whatsoever. And it felt such a treat, actually reclined back comfortably and not being able to move, relaxing, I think we both had a nap to be honest! Anyway, more importantly, the results were immediately noticeable. See below.

The post treatment care was the hard part. For the next 48 hours I conformed to the white diet. I feasted on an abundance of white pasta and red wine was strictly forbidden! Lecinda was just as passionate about the post treatment products as she was about the treatment. I was left with an organic charcoal toothpaste and powder to be applied with a natural bamboo toothbrush. She told me to keep the pen of leftover peroxide in the fridge and suggested that I apply it for just a couple of minutes the night before the wedding.

I know teeth whitening by technicians can get bad press, but I found this a really enjoyable and cost effective way to brighten my smile and make me feel like I’d treated myself. It was great to have it done at home so normal life and baby terrorising was uninterrupted. I’m looking forward to walking down the aisle with more than just a white dress 😉

You can find Lecinda on insta @mintmobileteethwhitening or visit www.mintmobileteethwhitening.com.au

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