Hello 😊

Thanks for dropping by. I’m Anna-Louise and I’m the voice behind ‘Mummy Adventures Adelaide’.

Having run my own business as freelance business and marketing consultant, whilst living in a long-distance relationship between the UK and Australia, I’ve taken the plunge, packed up our big (and little) belongings and hopped on a plane with my little one, Benjamin.

In June 2017, a little earlier than expected, we welcomed the beautiful and happy (I am *slightly* biased) bundle of joy that is baby Ben into the world. Being in a long-distance relationship has given me a *different* start to my mummy-life, which will hopefully be of interest to you, my readers.

During my 15 years in marketing, I founded the successful fashion and lifestyle magazine, www.style-etc.co.uk, whilst working as a consultant for a range of businesses on their events, social media strategy, marketing and digital content. During this time, and growing up, I’ve fostered a passion for fashion, fitness, food and family fun. And for the things that don’t begin with ‘f’, I also love travel (which is convenient!) beauty, and date nights with my partner (when we’re in the same country for long enough!)

This blog will be an eclectic mix of the above and how this all fits into my new mummy-life and how things have changed for me from living in rainy Manchester, to Adelaide!

So, thank you for paying me a visit, let’s connect on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I can’t wait to hear from you!

Love, ALG <3

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